Service Entry Points – Green On Black

We have a web application written in RPG. We have written RPG programs that construct the HTML, the finished pages get sent to the browser, and when the user performs an action, page variables are sent back to the server (the IBM i). There is a background job running in batch that processes these requests. If this background job is busy when another request arrives, a new background job is spawned. If there is a lot of activity, it’s not uncommon for a few background jobs to be running at the same time, each serving its own requests. Continue reading

Export List Of Source Members In IBM RDi

I recently completed a development comprising a number of programs and display files. I knew that most of the objects had been delivered to our test machine as part of a PTF installation, and also that I had worked on some programs and display files post PTF.

But which objects did I need to send to the test machine. I had my Excel spreadsheet at the ready, and thought that I would have to manually type in the object name, find the last change date and time for its source and type that in and then perform my comparison with the objects on the test machine. And that was OK. I was happy to do that. Continue reading

PHP Web Services With SOAP

How do you create a web service on ibm i?

You probably know about Scott Klement’s web service offerings. Seems complicated. I’m an RPG guy, but I balked at what was involved (no disresect to Scott, I’ve used his stuff in the past and it’s really good). My intuition told me that maybe a better way to accomplish my task was to use “web technologies” like PHP to deal with web services. Continue reading

Inadvertently Changing the Last Change Date Of Lines in RDI

When I copy a chunk of code in notepad, I tend to copy the carriage return immediately before the code I need. This is so that I can position the cursor at the end of the line just before where I want the code pasted. When I paste, the carriage return is placed at the end of that line and my code is pasted below, just like I want it. I’m a miser with mouse clicks and key presses, so anything that cuts these down is a good thing for me. Continue reading

Typical .htaccess File

Is there such a thing as a typical .htaccess file? There is for me, as I tend to do exactly the same things in each one I create for the myriad of websites I run.

.htaccess Tasks

These are the tasks I need my .htaccess file to perform:

  • redirect the non-www version of my urls to the www version. For example, if you type in into your address bar, I want the url redirected to This has SEO implications, of which much has been written.
  • redirect missing pages. I like to buy expired domains and renovate them. On any particular domain, there will usually be some urls I have no intention of recreating, so I will redirect them either to the home page, or an “equivalent” page.

Continue reading

Duplicate Line In Notepad++

ctrl + d = duplicate line

I’ve been using Notepad++ for a couple of years now, and whenever I needed to duplicate a line I would copy and paste it. This is a pain when you are doimg something like adding a new 301 redirect to a htaccess file. Typically I have the url to redirect copied to my clipboard, I open up the htaccess file and have to copy an existing entry, thus losing the url to redirect.

Behold ctrl + d! That’s right, it’s taken me two years to discover that ctrl + d duplicates the line in which the cursor is positioned. Much better; now I can copy a url, ctrl + d to duplicate an existing 301 redirect entry in htaccess and paste the url in.

Rational Developer For System i

We are on a mission to modernise our way of working. We don’t currently use ILE properly, and we still code using SEU. Or at least we did a week ago.

Rational Developer For System i is our new code editor of choice. Well, I say “editor” but it’s more a development environment than an editor.

I like it.

Of course, using any software you are unfamiliar with can make your daily tasks slow and painful to complete. That is to be expected. But already I think I am as quick using RDI as I am using… I can barely say it now… SEU. I’ve been using RDI in earnest now for maybe a couple of weeks. Continue reading