Find In RDi


The Find facility in IBM RDi might seem a little strange if you are coming from a green on black SEU background. In SEU you will type in the search term, press F16 and keep pressing F16 until you find the occurrence of the search term that you want.

In RDi, though, you will press ctrl + f to open up the search box and start typing. Matches are found without having to press F16. Imagine that you have found the first occurrence of the search term in RDi and you want to find the next. In SEU, you would press F16, but doing so in RDi causes weirdness. What you should do instead is either click the Next button (next to the Find box), or close down the Find box and then press F16.

Here is where confusion lies: pressing F16 whilst the Find box is open simply displays a list of previously searched terms. The list allows you to quickly select a previous term to search for.

F16 Find Box

You can close down the Find box by clicking in the source in the editor or by pressing the escape key. I find pressing the escape key quicker.

So, to search for a term and perform a repeat find, you will want to:

  • ctrl + f
  • type in the search term
  • press escape
  • press F16 to find subsequent occurrences.