IBM RDi Shortcuts


Programming in IBM RDi can be quicker than programming using SEU - if you take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts available.

Here is a selection of the shortcuts I tend to use every day, roughly in order of usage:

Keyboard Shortcut Function
ctrl + d duplicate the line you're currently on
ctrl + backspave delete the line you're currently on
ctrl + delete delete everything to the right of the cursor
ctrl + shift + v verify
ctrl + shift + c compile
ctrl + shift d search by date. The default of today is very useful for finding today's cockups.
ctrl + f find
shift f4 repeat find. Can be used when searching for dates, too.
up arrow after pressing ctrl + f cycles through past searches, a bit like f9. You can use the down arrow to cycle in the opposite direction.
ctr + right arrow/left arrow jump to the start of the next/previous word
ctrl + shift right arrow select the whole of the word to the right of the cursor
ctrl + shift + t amend the last change date on code lines. To reset the whole source member, ctrl + a, ctrl + shift + t, type in 000000 and press Enter.
alt + right arrow/left arrow navigate between tabs of open source members. They behave like the forward and back button in a browser. They're a bit hard to get used to if you expect
ctrl+ f6 Toggle between last and current tab. Or, hold down ctrl and press f6 multiple times to get to the tab you want.
ctrl + shift + l View all keyboard shortcuts.

If you want to maximise the speed benefits that IBM RDi can bring, you really should learn these keyboard shortcuts.