Inadvertently Changing The Last Change Date Of Lines In RDi


When I copy a chunk of code in notepad, I tend to copy the carriage return immediately before the code I need. This is so that I can position the cursor at the end of the line just before where I want the code pasted. When I paste, the carriage return is placed at the end of that line and my code is pasted below, just like I want it. I'm a miser with mouse clicks and key presses, so anything that cuts these down is a good thing for me.

Do you do this?

I have to stop myself from doing the same in the Remote System Explorer in RDI, though, because pasting that carriage return in amends the existing line's last update date. But I didn't change it!

Well, I did really. I placed a carriage return at the end of it, that wasn't there before. That's a change.

Inadvertently changing the last update date on lines of code you didn't mean to change can muddy the waters when you are trying to track down the cause of a problem. Ah - this line of code was changed on that date, this must be a clue. No, some sloppy programmer accidentally pasted a carriage return on the end of a line.