2 - Create The Database


I'm running WAMP so I'm going to use phpMyAdmin to create the database to serve our forum app:

Start phpMyAdmin

Using the database manager of your choice, create a database called myforum. I like to keep the databases named the same as the project, therefore I've used 'myforum'. We don't need to create any tables at this point, because we are going to let Laravel migrations do that. What we do need to do, though, is record our database credentials in the project. We do that in the .env file in the root of our project.

Record Database Credentials

Open the .env file up and then change these database settings:


You will need to supply your own database username and password. Once these details are saved, your Laravel project knows how to connect to the database. It's just there are no tables in there yet. Next, we will create some models and migrations with which we will generate our tables.