Laravel Tutorial


We're going to look at some topics in Laravel, and the best way to do understand them properly to progress through a project from start to finish. We will create our own forum, and along the way we will have a look at:

  • factories
  • tinker
  • making your own commands
  • foreign keys
  • form requests
  • custom validation rules

I chose a forum for the application we will build, purely because it's a simple concept that most people will be familiar with: users create threads and other users leave replies to those threads. It won't be a fully featured forum, but, simple as it is, it will be the perfect vehicle to showcase the above subjects. I'm going to assume you have at least some familiarity with PHP and Laravel. I'll list everything that you need to do to follow along and create your own forum application, but I'll only explain the more complicated instructions. For the ones I don't explain, information is readily on hand on the internet.

Create A Forum In Laravel

These are the steps involved in our app development:

  1. create the Laravel project
  2. create the database
  3. create migrations