Rational Developer For System i


We are on a mission to modernise our way of working. We don't currently use ILE properly, and we still code using SEU. Or at least we did a week ago.

Rational Developer For System i is our new code editor of choice. Well, I say "editor" but it's more a development environment than an editor.

I like it.

Of course, using any software you are unfamiliar with can make your daily tasks slow and painful to complete. That is to be expected. But already I think I am as quick using RDI as I am using... I can barely say it now... SEU. I've been using RDI in earnest now for maybe a couple of weeks.

There are still some organisational things we need to sort out, and these mainly concern our in house way of working. Change control is a big deal for us and we are mulling over whether we should extend our current green screen version tracking software to cope with our new way of working, or pay for a third party solution. We are used to using our own source control functions and enjoy their in depth analysis. Could a third party solution provide the same depth of analysis? Are we able to modify our beloved version control system to track new things like SQLRPGLE, not to mention DDL commands for creating new views (swoon).

New ILE concepts to introduce into our software, and new tools to create that software both mean that our tried and tested way of working must change. In the past, we resembled a well oiled machine, producing good software quickly. Well, quickly in the context of our old methodologies and tools. However, I believe that embracing ILE fully and also using the right tools to code in an ILE environment will increase our efficiency. Not only will we be able to create good code even more quickly than we do now, but we'll be able to maintain it easily too. But adopting new methodologies and tools has put a spanner in the wheels of our well oiled machine because we need to find a way to shape those methodologies and tools to complement our way of working. Or adapt to the tools/methodologies.

I'm not too familiar with other RPG development environments out there at the moment, but I get the impression that RDI is the standard.

I'll put together a tutorial for using RDI very soon.