Site5 Service Disruption

Web Hosting

Up to now I'd always had good service from Site5. Up to now. However, after their recent "billing migration", I find Site5 hosting account terminated and all the sites hosted by them are down. This occurred on 7/11/2016, and my sites are still down. It's now 13/11/2016, so my sites have been down for 6 days.

There has been no response from Site5 support. I opened a support ticket on 7/11/2016 explaining my problems and received no response. I followed up on 8/11/2016 by requesting a progress update and received no response. I posted another update request to my ticket later the same day and, guess what? No response. On 9/11/2016 I asked for any response at all, and received none. By 11/11/2016, I was understandably getting a little shirty about my sites still being down and requested yet again that someone sort my problem out. Later that day I'd had enough, so I made a formal complaint to

In between the additions I made to my open support ticket, I had numerous Live Chats with Site5 support staff, all fruitless. They relentlessly reassured me that my problem would be looked at as soon as possible. But, of course, it hasn't.

But the problem isn't simply that my sites are down. I can't access their control panels, so I can't change their nameservers to point to any of my other hosting accounts. I thank my lucky stars that I had the sense to have hosting accounts with other companies like Hostmonster and Fatcow. My sites are revenue earning, so the ones hosted elsewhere are still bringing in money. The ones hosted with Site5 have had their revenue halted. A couple of sites that were hosted at Site5 were, thankfully, registered elsewhere so I was able to switch their hosting to Hostmonster and they continued to earn revenue. The majority of my income, unfortunately, was coming from sites hosted at Site5. This means that my income has been slashed to about a third of what it was before Site5 messed up my hosting.

I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. My sites are still down after a week. I get no reponse at all to my queries. I can't even switch hosting companies because I can't access my control panel.

For god's sake, sort out my problem Site5!

Would I recommend Site5 to a friend. No. I would recommend that my friend rather stick pins in their eyes.